Funds raised by Missouri Patriot Express benefit:


Patriot Express Foundation

The Patriot Express Foundation provides for the families of veterans, When our service men and women return from duty, emotionally or physically damaged, we aid the families, spouse, and the children. OUR military may sacrifice for our freedom, but so do their loved ones who are left here, hoping, and picking up the pieces of war. You can find more information about Patriot Express Foundation at

Fisher House

The purpose of Fisher House is to provide temporary lodging for veterans’ families during a medical crisis. The house offers a warm inviting, calming environment where family members can find encouragement from others experiencing similar circumstances. It is considered to be a “home away from home” and provides a sense of comfort while a loved one is undergoing medical treatment. There is no fee for families staying at Fisher House. You can find more information about Fisher House of St. Louis at or national Fisher House at                      

Dave Barr

Dave is an individual who has served active duty as a regular enlisted soldier in the Armed Forces of four different nations. The United States Marines, the Israeli Forces, Light Infantry of Rhodesia, and in South Africa. He was a professional soldier until a landmine explosion ended his career, becoming a double amputee. During Dave’s military career, he received 57 air medals while serving on a helicopter gunship in Vietnam. Dave is a two time Guinness Book of Records holder, the author of “ Riding the Edge”’ and “Riding the Ice”, as well as a motivational speaker. You can find out more about Dave and his amazing stories at or email him at